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Rachel Sievers

I am a confident woman whose life purpose is uplifting others. I’m a mother, lover, life coach, and mental health podcast host.


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What is your favorite tip to stay fabulous?

Walk slowly with purpose. Speak slowly and thoughtfully. Stay present and breathe slowly. When you move slowly, you accomplish twice as much.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Your power comes when you stand by every part of yourself with confidence. Chubby thighs? Rock them with confidence. Need support? Ask for help with confidence. Bad haircut? Show it off with confidence. Feeling emotional? Express your feelings with confidence. Standing by your "brokeness" with confidence is your superpower.

What would you do with the $40,000?

I will invest in my mental health podcast, Consent to Treat. I want ALL people to experience the benefits of counseling by listening to real-life counseling sessions between me and my clients, and learning mental health tips they can implement in their lives today. No matter where a person lives, what their life looks like, or how much money they make, ALL PEOPLE DESERVE ACCESS TO MENTAL HEALTH. $40,000 would make that possible for me and my team at Consent to Treat Podcast.

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