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Camilla Goodwin

Confidence comes from self acceptance! I’m embracing my age and I know that it’s a testament to the wisdom I’ve gained over the years.


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You decide who will win a photoshoot for NewBeauty, $40,000 cash, and a spa-cation.

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What is your favorite tip to stay fabulous?

Challenge any negative self-talk about aging and replace it with affirmations that celebrate your vitality, wisdom and unique beauty. Invest in skin care routines, exercise, and stay passionate about life! Develop your own style, stand tall, maintain eye contact, embrace your individuality, lead with compassion and never stop smiling.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Dear Milla. You are young and opportunities are endless! Everyday, wake up and try to understand the feelings and perspective of others. Empathy is the foundation of kindness and compassion. Treat people with respect and dignity, regardless of their background, beliefs and circumstances. Be grateful for the people and experiences in your life, because gratitude fosters positivity and contentment. Find ways to give back to your community and to those less fortunate. Lead by example!

What would you do with the $40,000?

My greatest achievements in life are my 3 daughters. My youngest daughter gained her angel wings on 1/1/2020 at the tender age of 8. She was the most altruistic human I have ever met in my life! In honor of her, my husband and I started a non profit named Myla’s BeLeaf. We give financial assistance to families who have been affected by a pediatric cancer diagnosis. To date, we have been fortunate to contribute more than $300k to families in our community. Your $40k would continue Myla’s legacy ❤️

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