Somalia Brown

Disrupting the social norm of what it looks like to be 40 and the stigma around it by transforming your mindset, and owning who you are.

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Will Somalia Brown receive a glamorous two page spread in NewBeauty magazine, $40,000 and a dream spa-cation? Public voting begins soon!

Are You Fab Over 40?
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Winner will receive a 2-page spread in NewBeauty magazine, $40,000 cash, and the spa-cation of a lifetime

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What is your favorite tip to stay fabulous?

To stay fabulous I do something hard daily to develop resilience, proving to myself that I’ve still got it, whilst also disrupting the norm of what 40 looks like. 40 isn’t my identity, it’s my catapult. While others shrink and use it as an excuse to be average, I use it as a uncommon tool to stand taller. When you make doing something hard a choice instead of non-negotiable, your world has to come into alignment with fabulosity, and you realize every obstacle is overcomeable.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Reminder when 40 greets you at the door, open the door wide and step over the threshold with your fabulousity and believing that everything is overcomeable. Remember who you really are. Remember that 40 is not an excuse to be common when you were born to be uncommon. 40 is not a license to diminish who you are and hide. 40 doesn’t allow you a pass to show up mediocre. Remember when you were younger you never wanted to wish your life away, so don’t start now at 40.

What would you do with the $40,000?

I will empower my community of women using the funds to enhance my befriending fear series “The Shift Experience.” I will set up my disruptor school that enhances uniqueness and propels women forward into the true trailblazers they were born to be, instead of just the socially curated ones. I will organize a series of events that help women who are battling breast cancer. They will experience the healing power of changing their mindset to learn that everything is overcomeable!