Abi Maria Gomes

At the age of 42, I can look back and celebrate the fact that I have moved continents a few times, competed on SURVIVOR twice and much more

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Winner will receive a 2-page spread in NewBeauty magazine, $40,000 cash, and the spa-cation of a lifetime

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What is your favorite tip to stay fabulous?

Embrace who you are, even your age. Drink your water and mind your business :) but really staying present in consciousness, eating healthy, moving your body and listening to your mom when she tells you to put on your sunscreen ;)

What advice would you give your younger self?

Life is happening right now, this present moment. Learn to let go of what no longer serves you. It isn’t always about you and it too shall pass!!! Learn to love yourself unconditionally first and foremost <3

What would you do with the $40,000?

40k is a great amount of money that can help me bless everything around me. It’s a blessing that can help me invest in my community, myself and get me closer to a place where I can inspire more people as an example that anything is possible, regardless of your background and where you come from! By winning this money I can continue to invest towards my success by paying off debt that has been accumulated in the process of making many dreams happen for me, and my family